Frequently Asked Questions

How many trial classes do I get?

We offer a trial class in each of our recreation programs.  We want your athlete to find the right fit here at WCC. Students can also schedule make up classes in a level appropriate class in a different program. For instance a gymnastics athlete could enroll in a parkour or tumbling class for their makeup class. 

How does my child move up?

Enrollments at WCC are ongoing in a class level until an athlete achieves their learning goals for that class. A coach can move up an athlete at anytime during the month or year, we also perform quarterly evaluations in our recreational classes to evaluate how the students are doing and to move up anyone that is ready.

Can you waive the registration fee?

No, we cannot waive the annual registration fee.

How do I make up a class for an observed holiday?

We do not offer makeup classes for class dates that fall on a holiday. 

Is Military discount available?

Yes, we have an Active Military discount for the first enrolled child. Military service members must show their current ID. Please mention this to the front desk when registering for classes. 

At what age can my child start gymnastics?

Our youngest class in the preschool program starts at 18 months. You can view age restrictions for other specific classes at the online registration portal. 

What does my child need to wear to class?

For Girls, they need to wear a leotard or tighter-fitting shirt and shorts to practice. We do not allow sports bras and spanks or two-piece workout attire.  For Boys, they need to wear shorts and a tighter-fitting shirt. All athletes need to remove necklaces and bracelets when in practice to prevent injury, broken items, and damage to gym equipment. 

How do I hold/pause/freeze my child’s class? How do I cancel my membership? How can I schedule a make-up class? How do I enroll in class(es)? How do I cancel our class(es)?

We are unable to hold/freeze a student's enrollment. If the student needs to take a break for any reason, a drop request must be submitted via the parent portal. The drop will take effect the last day of the month that the request is submitted. The student can re-enroll at any time. The yearly registration fee will be charged on the anniversary of the month that the student first enrolled at WCC. If the student has been away longer than a year, a new annual registration fee will be due at the time of enrollment.
These can all be accomplished through our parent portal.


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World Champions Centre employs great coaches of various backgrounds and experiences within the world of Gymnastics, Tumbling, Cheer, Parkour, and more. All of our coaches are trained and certified with USAG, the governing body of U.S.A. Gymnastics.

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